Men's V-neck Jumper Kariban
Men's V-neck Jumper Kariban

Ladies’ V-neck Jumper Kariban


50% bomull / 50% akryl. Bra passform. V-ringad med dubbla lager i ribbade halslinningen. Finns i 7 olika färger

50% bomull / 50% akryl

290 gsm



15 arbetsdagar som standard. Går att få snabbare mot expressavgift.

Pristabell10-24 st25-49 st50-99 st100-249 st
Pris324 kr294 kr264 kr234 kr
Brodyrpris+30 kr+20 kr+15 kr+10 kr
Mönsterkort:600 kr/färgexkl. moms
Hur lång är leveranstiden?
Ca. 15 arbetsdagar efter godkänt korrektur.
Får man en skiss/korrektur innan beställning?
Ja vi gör alltid en skiss som ni som kund får godkänna innan beställningen blir bindande.

How to order:

Fill in your details and press ”Call for Price”

1. Enter inks and number.

2. Upload the print file if you want otherwise we will take it by mail if you decide to order. What format? (Vector graphics EPS, AI, PDF).

3. Enter contact information as well as possible. other information.

4. Click on ”Price Query”

What happens now?

1. You get a PDF quote usually within 24 hours on exactly what precisely you want to order. Need something completed and we will contact you.

2nd Digital proofing / sketch together emailed to you. On the digital proofs / sketch see customer pressure was placed and what size the pressure is. Only when you accept this, the order binding.

3. We print / supply product usually after 2-3 v no one else is agreed.

4. After delivery we send out the invoice. Payment terms are 30 days.

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